More good news for Cairn in Rajasthan desert

Vol 7, PW 21 (14 Jan 04) News in Brief

Cairn Energy continues to strike it lucky at Rajasthan desert block RJ-ON-90/1.

In its South Asia Operational Update released on 7th January, Cairn said it has discovered oil from the GR-F-1 well in the southern Dharvi Dungar part of the block. The well flowed at 100 b/d of 40 degree API.

A Cairn source adds: It will take a couple of months before we start development of wells in the southern region. We are looking to develop a low cost operation.

Cairn said wells targeting the shallow Thumbli and Dharvi Dungar plays had encountered variable reservoir quality and sand thickness. The Thumbli section was log evaluated as hydrocarbon bearing and will be developed with a separate workover rig.

The GR-A-1 and GR-S-1 wells each encountered residual hydrocarbons only. Adds our source: A workover rig is already present in the block for testing.

Cairns latest discovery adds to earlier discoveries at Guda, Saraswati and Raageshwari.

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