Vedanta plans 43 wells at OALP block

Vol 25, PW 8 (24 Mar 22) News in Brief

Vedanta shows no sign of letting up in its determination to explore its newly acquired OALP acreage.

After announcing a 51-well proposal for OALP-1 offshore block KG-OSHP-2017/1 in November (2021), Vedanta is turning its attention to OALP-3 onland block CB-ONHP-2018/4 in Gujarat. On February 10 (2022), Vedanta applied to Gujarat's environment authority for permission to drill 43 wells in the 558.72-sq km block and set up other facilities for an estimated Rs825cr ($108m).

Vedanta wants to drill the wells to between 3500-5000 metres TD using a 1500-hp rig and has applied to drill three wells at Shahpura village and two at Timbarva, Awakhal and Kurai villages. Vedanta's application includes eight proposed 'early' or 'quick production units' to handle around 16,000 b/d and 30m cf/d (850,000 cm/d) gas.

Each of the eight 'quick production units' will take 2000 b/d of liquid and 10m cf/d (280,000 cm/d) gas. Assuming it discovers oil, Vedanta will ship crude to the company-owned Viramgam Terminal (VGT) in Ahmedabad or the Suvali Onshore Terminal.

All gas will feed into Gujarat's state gas grid. At Viramgan, Vedanta's storage tanks can accommodate 60,000 barrels at any given time, and its pumping station can despatch up to 200,000 b/d to refineries.

At Suvali, Vedanta's tanks can hold 40,000 barrels while the pumping station can despatch up to 15,000 b/d. Vedanta has also applied to drill a single well each at Hansapura, Achisara, Kandari, Dhanora, Sundarpura, Kanda, Gayapura, Ambada, Manpur, Sadhali, Manjrol, Gosindra, Dhavat, Bharthali west, Ranapur, Surasamal, Khanpur, Bamangam, Pingalwada, Abhara, Anti, Karnakuva, Mobha, Kambola, Sarar, Kayavarohan, Manglej, Bhandari, Thikariya Math West, Handod, Vemar North West, Nariya, Tarva and Tinglod.