Oilmax re-starts dormant Amguri production

Vol 24, PW 19 (12 Aug 21) Exploration & Production

Dormant for 11 years, Oilmax Energy can be proud that Assam Company, in which it holds a 50% stake, has revived the Amguri oilfield.

An Oilmax source reports that by August 2 (2021), Amguri was producing 141,584 cm/d (5m cf/d) of gas, 500 b/d of condensate and 200 b/d of oil from four wells drilled to the Barail formation by earlier but now defunct Canadian operator Canoro Resources. These four wells are gas and condensate wells 10B, 11SS, 11LS, and oil well Amguri-5.

Well 10B was originally spud in 2007 and came onstream on February 25 (2008), producing 59,500 cm/d (2.1m cf/d) and 200 b/d of condensate; Amguri-5 was previously pumping out 588 b/d of oil and 22,700 cm/d (800,000 cf/d) but had a problem with water loading and was closed on October 26 (2007). Oilmax took physical charge of Amguri and its facilities on May 20 (2021) during the Covid-19 lockdown in Assam and began inspecting each of the 14 wells that were producing intermittently under Canoro.

"We re-started production from Amguri around 50 days after we took over the field (by early July 2021)," adds our Oilmax source. He adds the Oilmax team managed to open the first well on June 30 (2021).

"We are going over one well at a time," we hear. "Our teams are checking each well for its integrity to see if a workover or fishing operation (to remove debris) is needed; four wells are producing, and more will follow."

Oilmax is simultaneously carrying out well geological studies to develop its reservoir model, expected within three months. "Our geologists see eight new likely hydrocarbon pools outside the current structure, in addition to the two pools where Canoro was producing," we hear.

On January 5 (2021), Oilmax signed a contract with Abu Dhabi-based BRS Ventures for 50% of its 100% stake in Assam Company, which took charge at Amguri after the government cancelled the PSC signed by Canoro.