GSPC told not to submit documents in Gujarati

Vol 24, PW 12 (06 May 21) People & Policy

Yes indeed, Narendra Modi is from Gujarat, but that doesn't mean GSPC can get away with uploading poorly scanned documents to the environment ministry website in Gujarati.

GSPC only has itself to blame if it misses its mid-2021 target to begin production at six discoveries in a ring-fenced section of the CB-ON/2 or Tarapur block. On March 15 (2021), environment ministry officials in Delhi lashed out at both GSPC and its consultant Vizag-based SV Enviro Labs about their shoddy application on February 8 (2021) to set up production facilities.

"[The] desired documents submitted are in [the] regional language," writes the environment ministry. "Please submit the true and attested translation of these documents in English."

In its defence, GSPC says land documents are always prepared in Gujarati. "Translating these land documents to English is difficult," replied GSPC to the environment ministry on April 22 (2021).

"We are a Gujarat government company, and in Gujarat, all documents are written and registered with the respective authorities in the local language." Another source of environment ministry irritation was that pages 129 onwards of the documentation were "too blurred to be seen."

It argued, "this shows a very casual approach in submitting the proposal" and threatened to take punitive action against SV Enviro. "[The] submission of proposals like this is gross negligence by the consultant, and action would be initiated for de-listing the consultant from the accredited list of consultants," writes the ministry.

In its defence, GSPC points to the technical glitches it faced uploading the documents. "The land documents are bulky in size at 79-MB comprising 867 pages," said GSPC.

"Due to size constraints for uploading the land documents online, as only 5-MB is allowed, certain documents were compressed to reduce the file (size)." GSPC tells us it couriered hard copies of the land documents to the ministry's Delhi office in the fourth week of April.