Advent accelerates 2D for Oil India in Rajasthan

Vol 23, PW 22 (10 Sep 20) Exploration & Production

Gurgaon-based seismic contractor Advent Oilfield is moving fast to complete a 2500-lkm 2D survey for Oil India across OALP-3 block RJ-ONHP-2018/2 in Rajasthan.

By August 4, Advent had mobilised a 200-strong crew and vibroseis equipment to the 3016.34-sq km desert block, less than a month after securing the LoA for the Rs39.3cr ($5.3m) contract on July 7, beating rivals Alphageo, Asian Oilfield, South West Pinnacle and JP Singhal. "Work has begun," confirms company founder and managing director Anuj Singla.

"There's a 14-month deadline to complete the job (by April 30, 2022) but, if all goes to plan, we might finish by March-April next year (2021)." Advent's optimism of early completion stems mainly from the extreme heat and dry weather conditions of Rajasthan with little or no disruption from monsoon rains common elsewhere in India, particularly in Assam.

In June (2020), Advent completed another 2D shoot in Rajasthan for Oil India, a 1500-lkm survey across nearby 3012-sq km OALP-1 block RJ-ONHP-2017/9, under a contract won in June 2019 for Rs35.57cr ($4.8m). Taking no risks, Singla is alive to the challenges of operating amid the threat of Covid-19 and stresses the company's strict adherence to safety.

"We have to be careful," he says. "Social distancing measures are in place with staff; only a limited number of people are permitted in a jeep at any given time and extra hygiene measures are in place at our camps."