GSPC contract employees shown exit

Vol 22, PW 20 (25 Jul 19) News in Brief

GSPC's treatment of its contract workers is under scrutiny following a decision not to renew the contracts of five young engineers beyond September 30.

Most of them work in production department and GSPC's decision last month (June) to end their contracts is a likely symptom of its E&P exit as it seeks to revive its finances. This report learns the unlucky contract workers are Giriraj Mehta, Chinamy Chavda, Atul Khatri (Ankleshwar field), Brijesh Patel (Sanand East) and Nitesh Kumar (head office).

Their contracts were ending on June 30 but they approached managing director T Natarajan who granted extensions until September 30 on condition they didn't seek further extensions. "They should have informed us beforehand that the contracts will not be renewed," one of the five tells us.

"How does GSPC expect us to find a job at the last moment in such a tough market?" Mehta, Patel and Kumar joined GSPC in June 2013 while Khatri joined in June 2016. Chavda's joining date could not be confirmed.

"Those who joined GSPC in 2013, 2014 and 2015 were on five-year contracts," we hear. "But those joining after 2015 signed one-year contracts with GSPC."