Mobilisation worries in ONGC tender for PSVs

Vol 21, PW 23 (23 Aug 18) Exploration & Production

Hire rates for Platform Supply Vessels (PSVs) appear to be recovering - raising hopes of anyone bidding in an ONGC tender to hire or replace 10 PSVs for five years by the August 27 deadline.

But the bad news is the 45-day mobilisation period from the LoA is far too short if ONGC insists on major modifications before vessels start the contracts. Worse, no pre-bid is scheduled for bidders to raise concerns.

In the next few days, some potential bidders say they will 'verbally' inform ONGC to allow at least 60 days mobilisation time under this tender, released on August 1. "Ideally ONGC should allow 90 days mobilisation time," we hear.

ONGC wants 'class 1' fire-fighting equipment installed as well as equipment complying with the latest UK Offshore Operators Association guidelines for 'Standing by Duty' offshore installations. Each PSV must have one 15-man Fast Rescue Boat with an 'in board' diesel engine and a mass flow meter calibrated to +/- 0.5 % accuracy with printer output (used to measure the flow rate of a liquid).

"Some vessels available have 'class 1' fire-fighting equipment but others need it installed," we hear. A source says put together all modifications and new equipment will cost $1.2m to $1.4m.

"No vessel owner stocks such equipment," we hear. "It'll take time to buy and customise it before fitting it onboard and carrying out trials ahead of vessel certification."

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