Setback for ONGC as Louisiana BOP sinks

Vol 21, PW 22 (09 Aug 18) News in Brief

ONGC's decision to hire Universal Energy rig SSV Louisiana under pressure from BJP bosses has backfired.

On August 5, the rig's Blow Out Preventer (BOP) fell on the seabed during installation atop well A-2-D at KG-DWN-98/2, spud on July 29 in water depths of 762 metres. "Nobody was injured," reports a source.

"The BOP was lowered around 6pm when the top drive slipped, the brake and emergency brake failed, and the drill line came out of its securing joint. Then it crashed into the water and was buried 11 metres below the seabed with risers connected."

Another source adds the rig floor is damaged. "A plan will be drawn up to dredge the seabed to recover the BOP," we hear.

"This will take at least six months and it will be very expensive to get the rig back in action." ONGC must be regretting delaying the LoA to Norway's Seadrill under pressure from BJP lawmakers.

Seadrill chose to withdraw and ONGC instead hired second and third ranked Vantage Drilling and Universal Energy. "(Seadrill's) Sevan Driller is technically better (than Louisiana)," we hear.

"But Seadrill was pushed out."

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