Petronet-LNG flouts its own internal process

Vol 21, PW 19 (28 Jun 18) People & Policy

Not only managing director Prabhat Singh, but also Petronet-LNG high-flyer Manoj Pawa is in the spotlight over his appointment as senior vice-president (HR and business engineering), raising serious corporate governance questions.

This month (June) oil secretary KD Tripathi received a letter (seen by this report) from a Petronet-LNG 'whistleblower' alleging that the company's internal recruitment policy was flouted in the appointment on March 28, 2018 of Pawa, who first joined Petronet-LNG on May 30, 2016 'on deputation' from GAIL where he was a deputy GM marketing. "No advertisement was issued," says a well-placed source.

"Nobody was interviewed for this (senior vice-president) job." He adds: "According to clause 1.7 (A) of our HR policy the rank of president, senior vice president and vice president are senior management positions and there is a procedure clearly laid down that has to be followed before appointing anyone to a senior management post. In Pawa's case, no procedure was followed." Since his arrival from GAIL exactly two years ago, Pawa has had a meteoric rise at Petronet-LNG and today leads up to 10 departments.

"Pawa is single handedly running Petronet-LNG," we hear. "He has the full support of our MD." An internal Petronet-LNG office order reveals Pawa was appointed chief executive assistant to the MD in September 2016.

He was also put in charge of business process automation and development of e-systems for proposals, bill payments, cargo purchases and bidding.