How to become a millionaire 'driver' at GSPC

Vol 20, PW 10 (09 Feb 17) People & Policy

Bharatgiri Goswami was a familiar face across GSPC with a go-getter reputation for getting things done.

By Indian standards the driver of former managing director DJ Pandian earned an impressive salary of Rs32,000/month. This, in a country where most middle class households shudder at paying anything more than Rs8000-Rs15,000/mth.

"Goswami was very close to Pandian," a GSPC source tells us. "That's why he wielded so much influence." Despite his generous pay, Goswami's thirst for money was limitless and ultimately signaled his downfall.

Few questioned how it was possible for a Class IV rank employee to own a fleet of high-end cars that he hired out to GSPC; or seven parcels of land at Pethapur in north Gujarat and one at Alampur near Gandhinagar; not to mention a flat in Akshar Apartments and a plot of land in Sector 1 in Gandhinagar; plus another large plot at Kanva Society in Koba village on the Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar highway. "He had so much influence in GSPC's revenue department that he used to get work done in return for a commission," confides a GSPC source.

Friendly and approachable, Goswami was in high demand from an army of contractors desperate for lucrative GSPC contracts. "He was so confident," adds another source, "that he used to guarantee the successful completion of work."

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