Egypt car robbery shock for GSPC

Vol 16, PW 20 (02 May 13) News in Brief

Egypt under President Mohammed Morsi is clearly descending into greater lawlessness than under former President Hosni Mubarak.

Armed robbers attacked GSPC country manager MY Farooqui on April 12 at around 6.30pm in rush hour traffic in Cairo when he was car-jacked by four men with Kalashnikovs and wearing black hoods. “Suddenly a Honda Civic overtook us and blocked our vehicle," Farooqui tells us.

"Four hooded men got out. Two came to the driver’s side and two to my side.

” These men then yanked the doors open, pulled out the driver and Farooqui and pushed them both at gunpoint to the roadside. Farooqui tried to take his briefcase from the car but gave up when he found four guns pointing menacingly at him.

“Two of the men got into our car and the other two returned to their car and both vehicles drove off,” he adds. After about 30 minutes some 40 armed policemen arrived and took Farooqui and his driver to the police station, where they remained until 1.30am.