Only 8 months before DK Sarraf leaves ONGC

Vol 20, PW 10 (09 Feb 17) People & Policy

Barely eight months remain before DK Sarraf retires but the oil ministry inexplicably has yet to begin the selection process for his replacement.

Yes the PESB is on a hiring freeze until it firms up new job description guidelines - but everybody knows the ONGC chairman job description. Some believe the ministry has no faith in the PESB to manage the selection alone and wants to set up a search committee of high ranking government officials to hold interviews.

"Until last month (January) everybody thought the advertisement would come from the PESB," says a source. "Now the ministry feels a search or selection committee is better." But sources speculate the PESB will still have a role to play receiving CVs, screening applicants, preparing a shortlist, and scheduling interviews.

But the search committee will conduct all-important interviews. A ministry source adds the committee has yet to be formed but oil secretary KD Tripathi will definitely be on it.

But it better hurry as getting a candidate approved by the cabinet alone takes two months. Sarraf meanwhile is taking it easy, counting the days until retirement on September 30.

"He's avoiding major decisions," says an ONGC source. "Only routine files go to him." Sarraf is said to be lobbying the PMO for a potential job in its finance department.

"That will be his reward for bailing out GSPC with the Deen Dayal deal," we hear.

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