Scrapyard likely for GSF-140 rig

Vol 20, PW 7 (15 Dec 16) News in Brief

Word is out that Transocean semisubmersible GSF-140 is likely to end up in the scrapyard because she has no contract after drilling an offshore exploration well for Oil India.

GSF-140 left Indian waters on November 22 and expected to reach Labuan port in Malaysia by the third week of December. Built in 1983, GSF-140 drilled dry well Sindhuja#1 for Oil India without incident and has several years of active life left.

"But the current view at Transocean," says an industry source, "is to send the rig to the scrapyard after stripping her of equipment to use on its other rigs." Why doesn't Transocean sell the rig? Transocean doesn't want the trauma of having her offered by competitors against its own rigs. Transocean, adds a source, never recovered from the emotional sting after it sold Transocean Wildcat in 2007 to Essar Oilfields which renamed her Essar Wildcat then beat Transocean rigs GSF-135 and MG Hulme Jr in ONGC tenders.

"Transocean doesn't want the Wildcat experience repeated," we hear. Despite this, Wildcat is yet to mobilise for ONGC.

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