Oil India relaxed about northeast terror threat

Vol 19, PW 20 (16 Jun 16) News in Brief

Seismic contractors accuse Oil India of paying no heed to their safety after it failed to give assurances on security concerns during a pre-bid to shoot 2633-lkm 2D in the northeast.

Originally the meeting held on June 6 at Oil India's Noida office was planned over two days but Oil India chose to conclude it on the first day starting at 11am and ending at 6pm. Among those in attendance were Alpha Geo, Advent Oilfield, Asian Oilfield, Result Survey, Geokinetics, Globe Ecologistics, Kazakhstan's GEG and Pan India.

Bidders were concerned about the safety of crew and equipment while working in insurgency prone Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, and Mizoram. "Oil India's demand for wireless technology was also discussed," adds a likely bidder.

Some accuse Oil India of favouring Asian Oilfield with this criterion but Oil India denies this. "Lots of other points were discussed," we hear.

"Oil India didn't give firm replies." Oil India issued the tender on May 11 with documents on sale until June 21.

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