Oil India plans to spud Sindhuja#1 on June 5

Vol 19, PW 19 (02 Jun 16) Exploration & Production

If the 'weather Gods' smile Oil India can finally spud its first offshore exploration well in 20 years on June 5 at eastern offshore Cauvery basin block CY-OSN-2009/2 using Transocean rig GSF-140.

"All depends on the weather," reports an Oil India source. If the weather is good then company directors led by outgoing additional secretary and Oil India CMD UP Singh are expected to show up on the rig as it spuds the well - given the evocative name Sindhuja#1 chosen through a poll of Oil India staff who selected it from 100 suggestions.

"We received an overwhelming response," adds our company source. "Everybody was excited that we are drilling our first offshore exploration well after nearly two decades.

Each name was beautiful." Sindhuja, he adds, means 'daughter of the ocean' and is one of the names given to Laxmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity who, according to one legend, emerged from the water when the oceans were being churned during the creation of the universe. Ironically the seas off Tamil Nadu have been doing much churning recently - a cyclone prevented GSF-140 meeting its original May 20 target to spud the well and it is still unclear if any Goddess will emerge from the waters.

Despite this uncertainty Oil India is still hoping for an oil strike at the very least.

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