Workover rigs are just as important for ONGC

Vol 19, PW 17 (05 May 16) Exploration & Production

ONGC wants bids in by May 9 in a tender to hire four workover rigs for three years for its Dehradun-based Frontier Basin - part of a wider programme to hire 31 workover rigs by 2019.

ONGC has laid out plans to hire six 100-tonne rigs and one 150-tonne rig in 2016-17. In 2017-18 it will hire another 18 workover rigs of which four will be 30-tonnes each, six 50-tonnes, five of 100-tonnes each and three of 150-tonnes.

In 2018-19, six more rigs will be hired of which one will be 50-tonnes, three will be 100-tonnes and two will be 150-tonnes. "We need to workover many wells to stop the decline in pressure," says an ONGC source.

"Hiring more workover rigs is just as important as upgrading our in-house rig fleet." ONGC on average works over 1500 onland wells every year and uses about 85 to 90 rigs for this work, either company-owned or hired. But a report submitted by India's audit watchdog CAG in December 2015 criticised the company sternly for delays finalising workover rig tenders.

From 2010 to 2014 it says ONGC floated five tenders for workover rigs but only managed to award one contract, leading to delays of a crucial 155.34 rig months. ONGC manages a fleet of 57 workover rigs which it owns and another 25 on hire.

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