Nervous Pan India in rig talks with John Energy

Vol 19, PW 15 (07 Apr 16) Exploration & Production

Pan India will deny it but the E&P novice and Indian representative of French seismic contractor CGGVeritas is preparing to spud its first exploration well at its tiny 49-sq km Cambay basin block CB-ONN-2010/5.

Gurgaon-based Pan India has decided to hire a 1200-hp drilling rig and talks are underway with Ahmedabad-based John Energy for the campaign to begin in May. But don't hold your breath.

All depends on whether the company receives environmental clearance in good time. A senior John source refuses to confirm the talks.

"Really?" he said. "I'm unaware of this." Despite John's obstinate pretence a Pan India source confirms the company wants to hire a John rig and spud the first well between May 11 and 15.

Asked for further details he hung up, saying: "For more details talk to Pan India senior management." This report contacted Pan India owner director Darshan Singh. "First I need to get environment clearance," said Singh.

"Only then can we talk about rigs and drilling." When pressed Singh shot back: "I don't handle rig contracts. Talk to my BD manager.

He handles contracts." Pan India has committed four wells under its Rs54cr ($8.11m) Phase-I campaign: two 'firm' and two 'optional' - all to 3000 metres TD targeting Cambay and Olpad formations. Well locations will be selected from old ONGC seismic from 2007.

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