Pan India wants rig for Cambay

Vol 19, PW 13 (10 Mar 16) News in Brief

Pan India is expected to issue tenders for a 750-hp to 1200-hp rig and allied services as soon as it receives environmental clearance for a Rs54cr ($8m) four well exploration campaign at Cambay basin block CB-ONN-2010/5, believes the DGH.

"Pan India is waiting only for final notification from the environment ministry," reports a DGH source. This, he adds, is expected shortly following approval by the environment ministry's Expert Appraisal Committee on January 18.

Wells will be drilled to 3000 metres TD, targeting Cambay and Olpad geological formations. When contacted a source at SGS India, Pan India's environmental consultant, confirmed the development.

"There have been delays because of land and water concerns raised at the July 3 (2015) public hearing but finally we're through," he said. Based on interpretation of old seismic collected by ONGC in 2007, Pan India will first drill two wells.

After this it will shoot a blanket 3D survey at the 49-sq km block then drill two more wells.

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