Shale 'frack' tender planned at ONGC

Vol 19, PW 11 (11 Feb 16) News in Brief

Shale exploration is still in vogue at ONGC, despite the global slowdown.

At the Ankleshwar asset plans are afoot for a tender to ‘frack’ one or more of three shale wells drilled at the onland Gandhar oilfield. In focus are wells GNSGA, GNSGB and GNSGC - all ‘spud’ and completed to between 2500 and 3000 metres TD last year (2015).

“After internal analysis is complete we will select one of these three wells,” confirms an ONGC source. “Only production testing and ‘fracking’ is needed to enhance the permeability of the tight shale gas formation.

” Analysis of well GNSGA is at the most advanced stage, we hear, as ONGC has already identified a ‘prospective’ zone for ‘fracking’ and production testing. Also in focus is well JMSGA or Jambusar#55 – spud on October 27, 2013 and the first shale well drilled by ONGC in India.

“For this well in-house ‘fracking’ was carried out by our Well Stimulation Services (WSS) team in Ahmedabad,” adds ONGC. “But for these Gandhar wells we want a third party oilfield service company to do the ‘frack’ job.

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