China threat to India in Africa

Vol 19, PW 8 (17 Dec 15) News in Brief

As OVL's former country manager in strife-torn Sudan, Yash Malik knows better than most the threat posed by China to India's overseas ambitions.

Speaking at the ENERASIA 2015 conference in Ahmedabad on December 3, Malik urged Delhi to capitalise on emerging E&P opportunities in Africa before it's too late. “We have a good footprint in Africa through OVL,” he said.

“Africa has the natural resources and we have the money and skilled manpower to help Africa exploit these resources.” Without directly naming China, Malik said there were some “greedy countries” already out there trying to corner everything but stressed that India enjoyed a “relationship of trust” with Africa.

“It would be mutually beneficial for Africa and India to work together,” he added. OVL is present in four African countries: Sudan, South Sudan, Libya and Mozambique.

Malik, 58, was OVL country manager in Sudan from 2008 to 2011 but now leads ONGC operations at the Ahmedabad asset.