Pradhan visits DGH to save his job

Vol 19, PW 7 (03 Dec 15) News in Brief

Dharmendra Pradhan is doing all he can to save his job following the BJP's disastrous campaign in Bihar.

PETROWATCH learns Pradhan visited the DGH on November 17 for a briefing on the E&P industry. "Officially, the visit was described as routine," says a DGH source.

"But the actual purpose was so Pradhan can familiarise himself with the industry.” Another DGH source adds Pradhan is trying to impress his political masters by saying he knows the industry well.

He reached the DGH at around 12pm and left nine and a half hours later. "Heads of department in contracts, finance, NELP, production, drilling and G&G all made presentations," we hear.

There's mounting speculation Pradhan, the BJP's chief in Bihar, will be replaced in the next cabinet reshuffle. He and other party leaders were criticised by a BJP committee on November 9 for failing to give a true picture of the party’s hopeless chances.

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