Hard times for Triune as staff cuts bite deep

Vol 19, PW 7 (03 Dec 15) People & Policy

Delhi-based Triune Group boasts on its website that it has been approved for project engineering by the likes of BP, BHP, Eni and Exxon.

But former employees of Triune Energy Services, a design engineering consultant set up in 1990, claim it is struggling to win contracts in a depressed market and laid off around 30 workers in October including 20 engineers. “Out of the blue our management told us not to report to work the next day,” a former employee tells this report.

“They didn’t give us any notice.” He alleges the company deliberately gave no notice as this would have made it liable to pay full salaries including allowances.

“Instead they saved money by settling just our basic salaries,” he adds. Among those hit by the cull is Triune's human resources head Parag Bhatnagar who joined six months ago and completed his probation on October 1.

Some blame Triune's hard times on general manager Sudhir Bawa, with the company since 1992. “He goes to all the meetings on his own and doesn’t let others grow,” we hear.

Another source says Bawa attends all pre-bids himself, especially those abroad. Asked to respond Bawa replied: “Why do you want to know this? You should be asking a competent authority.

I’m not authorised.” He also stressed Triune has not laid off staff due to a lack of business.

“They’ve gone of their own accord,” he said.

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