In our November 5, 2015 edition we published an item entitled, 'Atanu shuts GSPC door on AK Vijay Kumar' in which we reported that Mr.

Kumar began his career as a hotel security guard. Mr.

Kumar has contacted Petrowatch to protest that he has never been employed as a security guard and that he began his career in 1973 aged 18 by joining the Indian Navy.

Petrowatch accepts Mr.

Kumar's protest and unreservedly apologies for any distress his designation as a security guard may have caused. Born in Kerala in 1955 on November 11, Mr.

Kumar says he left the Indian Navy with the rank Master at Arms in 1986 for ONGC where he was hired on 'deputation' as Deputy Director. In 1992 he left ONGC for Gujarat State Fertiliser Corporation (GSFC) as Deputy General Manager where he stayed full-time until 2007 charged with overseeing its Delhi office.

For four years from May 2007 until 2011 Mr. Kumar worked at GAIL as Executive Director Corporate Affairs.

In October 2011 Kumar left GAIL for GSPC's Delhi office where until June 23 this year (2015) he held three titles in parallel: Special Director, Gujarat State Petronet Ltd; Executive Director, GSPC Ltd; and Special Commissioner for Investment Promotion, Government of Gujarat.

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