All the gas from G4 reservoir has gone: ONGC

Vol 19, PW 5 (05 Nov 15) Exploration & Production

One thing ONGC and Reliance agree in their dispute over gas siphoned off by Reliance from the G4 and KG-DWN-98/2 blocks is that the DGH is to blame.

Under scrutiny is why the DGH allowed Reliance to drill wells D6-A5, D6-A9 and D6-A13 near the boundary with G-4 and well D6-B8 which ONGC says siphoned gas away from the DWN-D-1 discovery at KG-DWN-98/2? A senior ONGC source questions why the DGH approved Reliance's well locations when it knew about the sub-surface reservoir? “If they do not have technical expertise what are they doing at the DGH?” he wonders. “Who is responsible?” Yet Reliance also blames incompetence at ONGC saying both companies made discoveries at their blocks in 2002 but 13 years later ONGC has yet to begin producing.

Reliance by contrast submitted its first field development plan for KG-DWN-98/3 in 2004 followed by a revised plan in 2006 and began production in 2009. “We drilled the wells within our boundary,” says Reliance.

“Why didn’t the DGH object when we submitted our FDP? They had seismic data of our block and ONGC’s block. They slept and didn’t do their job properly.

” In charge at the DGH during this time was VK Sibal. Asked to respond by this report Sibal snapped: "You journalists understand nothing! Because of the media the Indian oil sector has gone for a toss!”