Reliance siphoning off G-4 gas to D6, says ONGC

Vol 17, PW 14 (27 Feb 14) Exploration & Production

DGH officials want to appoint a third party to determine if Reliance has been siphoning off gas from ONGC’s G-4 reservoir to KG-D6.

“We feel a third party should be appointed to look at ONGC’s claim," confirms a DGH source, "and to see how the two assets are connected and if gas can be withdrawn." ONGC first complained in October 2013 that Reliance was drawing gas from its block.

ONGC director exploration NK Verma wrote a second, more detailed complaint to oil ministry joint secretary Aramane Giridhar on February 11. "Reliance has drilled two wells at the border of their block," ONGC tells us.

"Their drilling direction shows they have withdrawn gas from our reservoir.” ONGC and Reliance formed a joint working group last November to examine the complaint but now the oil ministry says it wants the DGH to intervene and come up with a solution.

If necessary the ministry will intervene later. ONGC has postponed drilling two wells at G-4 because of a pressure drop blamed on Reliance.

“Earlier we planned six development wells," confirms ONGC. "But now we will drill four.

There is nothing left in the reservoir." ONGC complains Reliance isn't sharing key data on well pressure and production.

Reliance tells us it is technically impossible for the gas to have been drawn from the neighbouring field, as ONGC’s reservoir is too far away.

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