HOEC moving fast to develop Dirok gasfield

Vol 18, PW 26 (27 Aug 15) Exploration & Production

Over the next few weeks HOEC is planning a spate of tenders as it gears up to begin early production at the AAP-ON-94/1 block in Assam, site of the promising Dirok discoveries.

"Expect drilling rig, tubing, casing, pipelines, engineering and well completion service tenders by September," reports a source. "We need to begin work quickly." A sign of HOEC's determination to push things forward fast is that chief P.

Elango arrived a whole week ahead of its public hearing on July 3 at Digboi in Assam, which went smoothly. "HOEC is focusing totally on the Assam block," says a Mumbai-based analyst.

"Everything is on track. The FDP is approved and the public hearing went well." Also note the speed at which HOEC invited and received EoIs for an estimated Rs15cr ($2.29m) contract to supply, commission, and operate an Early Production System (EPS) for the Dirok gasfield to handle 35m cf/d (991,089 cm/d) sweet gas, 800 b/d condensate and 1000 b/d water.

HOEC invited EoIs on August 14 and received them on August 23 for the contract which will be five years initially with a possible 10-year extension. Halliburton, Schlumberger, Oswal Industries and Ahmedabad-based S.

Mark Industries are among companies equipped to provide such systems. Already familiar with HOEC, S.

Mark set up an EPS for HOEC at CB-ON/7.