Shiv Vani describes IT raid as 'routine' affair

Vol 18, PW 25 (13 Aug 15) People & Policy

Most companies would panic at the prospect of a raid by income tax authorities.

Not so Delhi-based Shiv Vani. Income tax officers who barged into the troubled company's Delhi office on July 29 at 10.15 am were lucky enough to run into joint managing director and promoter Padam Singhee, who seemed remarkably unfazed, says an eyewitness.

"The income tax guys saw Singhee first," we hear. "He was asked what is his role at the company? Singhee said he is an executive." Next, the income tax officers asked Singhee to hand over his mobile phone, which he did.

Singhee then disappeared into the toilet where he was seen making phone calls using a second mobile by an alert tax official who was monitoring the bathroom. "Singhee was confronted upon his return from the toilet," adds our source.

"He was asked why he didn't hand over his second phone?" Singhee respectfully replied he had obeyed their instruction to give them the phone in his hand! He explained he was calling his wife who would be happy to verify his story. Even though the raid lasted until 2:30am the following morning, Shiv Vani wasn't the target.

Income tax officials were carrying out a wider investigation into alleged tax evasion by Chhattisgarh-based Hira Group which partners Shiv Vani in a proposed 50-MW solar thermal power generation plant at Jaisalmer.

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