Vasudeva must explain leniency to Shiv Vani

Vol 16, PW 23 (13 Jun 13) People & Policy

Sudhir Vasudeva is under pressure to explain why ONGC has reversed a decision to ban Shiv Vani for two years over its failure to honour a gas compressor installation contract at the Eastern Offshore Asset in Andhra Pradesh.

On June 5, the oil ministry forwarded a letter to the ONGC chairman received two days earlier from the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), which deals specifically with cases under the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988. In its letter, the ACB asks why ONGC did not ban Shiv Vani following a damning report prepared by general manager GJ Rajbob, who was asked to investigate.

On April 8, ONGC over-turned an imminent order to ban Shiv Vani from all future tenders. In protest, shocked ONGC officials from the Eastern Offshore Asset with its HQ at Kakinada filed a formal complaint with the ACB.

“Rajbob gave enough reasons in his report to ban Shiv Vani,” we hear. “Even PK Borthakur (director offshore) favoured the blacklisting.

Why was special consideration given to Shiv Vani who everyone knows is a bad performer” Rajbob's report, submitted on March 8, claims Shiv Vani failed to make enough efforts to install the gas compressors on time. “Shiv Vani's performance has been reported as unsatisfactory to poor by all ONGC work centres," writes Rajbob.

After the contract was terminated last December, Shiv Vani tried to mobilise the compressors. "But the failure of the firm to commence services much beyond the stipulated period of 45 days without sound grounds attracts a two year ban from the date of issue of order,” adds Rajbob.

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