All Bassein gas set to flow again

Vol 18, PW 24 (30 Jul 15) News in Brief

Gas customers in Gujarat can look forward to ONGC resuming full supplies from August 4 at its western offshore Bassein gasfield after a controversial pipeline replacement and re-routing project is completed by July 31.

Bassein supplies a total 33m cm/d which is landed at Hazira in Gujarat through two pipelines. Of these, the 42-inch diameter, 244-km South Bassein to Hazira (SBHT) trunk pipeline laid in 1995 and carrying some 13m cm/d has been shut down since July 11 as L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering is replacing and re-routing a 1.9-km onshore stretch damaged by a cyclone in June 2014.

"Pipeline work will be completed by July 31, after which we will need a few days for commissioning," says ONGC. Till then Bassein will supply 20m cm/d through the 245-km, 36-inch diameter trunk pipeline laid in 1987 from the offshore BPA platform to Hazira.

Some have criticised ONGC's award of the SBHT pipeline replacement contract to L&T, which they say is too costly.