Yoga cure for stressed Reliance staff

Vol 18, PW 24 (30 Jul 15) News in Brief

Stressed Reliance workers worrying about completing the Jamnagar refinery's $11bn upgrade received some sage advice on July 24 from billionaire yoga guru Baba Ramdev.

Unmistakable in his flowing black beard, he stopped off at the refinery on his way from Jamnagar airport to holy city Dwarka. "Special arrangements were made to welcome the Baba," a source tells us.

"He did not come inside the refinery but all of us went to the gate." Reliance senior vice-president Dhanraj Nathwani was also present. "Do yoga regularly and maintain physical fitness through it," Ramdev is believed to have said.

"Make yoga part of your daily routine." Reliance's corporate communications department was so overwhelmed by this gem of wisdom that it released a press note in Gujarati, Hindi and English. Ramdev, who controversially claims he can 'cure' homosexuality through yoga, is quite worldly when necessary.

In 2009 he bought Little Cumbrae Island off Scotland for £2m.