Moily suggests yoga to ease tension

Vol 17, PW 5 (03 Oct 13) News in Brief

Oil companies are used to bending over backwards to please the oil ministry but now they must get even more flexible with some yogic poses.

PETROWATCH learns oil minister Dr. Veerappa Moily preached the virtues of yoga at India’s first Global Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) conference in Delhi, organised by Cairn India on September 26.

"All workers must be taught to do yoga at the workplace," suggested Moily. "I will tell (oil) companies to enforce this.

" Moily added yoga helps synchronise the mind and body so workers stay alert and avoid mistakes which could turn into calamities. "Safety is non-negotiable," said Moily.

"Even near misses or incidents during operations must be reported to the Oil Industry Safety Directorate." Moily also praised host Cairn for its positive environmental and economic work in the desert state of Rajasthan, which he said had been converted into “a garden full of trees and a garden of prosperity.


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