Sewage turns to money in Gujarat

Vol 18, PW 23 (16 Jul 15) News in Brief

Your time spent in the loo is no longer wasted and could soon be earning the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) money.

Jaipur-based Rockstone Infrastructure will begin supplying commercial gas generated from sewage and human excrement from its Rs11cr ($1.73m) Pirana gas refining facility in Ahmedabad in the next three months. "Rockstone has completed 80% of construction and the plant will be ready by October," says an AMC source.

Built on a 4000-sq metre piece of land on a 15-year lease, the plant will process 8000 cm/d of gas generated from the Pirana Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) and convert it into 3500 cm/d commercial gas for use by local factories. If all goes well, AMC plans to set up six similar gas plants - three at Pirana and three at Vasna.

On each cubic metre sold, AMC's share of the selling price will be Rs9.18 ($0.14). Rockstone has a similar plant at Dhalawas in Jaipur where it supplies 2500kg/day of gas in caskets to factories at Rs45/kg ($0.71) to Rs50/kg ($0.78).

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