Extension for BC Tripathi's tormentor

Vol 18, PW 23 (16 Jul 15) News in Brief

BC Tripathi and other GAIL officials accused of impropriety by the company's chief vigilance and ex-Interpol officer Rajesh Ranjan will not be pleased to hear he has won a two-year extension beyond July 31.

Ranjan's extension was confirmed on July 14. "Many officers will be upset," says a GAIL official.

Ranjan had filed two reports against Tripathi - one for shortlisting candidates before forwarding names to the PESB for director business development interviews and the other for favouring contractor Avinash Em. He has also recommended that at least six other senior officials face charges, which Tripathi is trying to prevent.

"Now Ranjan is staying on," we hear, "Tripathi cannot prevent the chargesheets." Ranjan joined the Indian Police Service in 1984 from Bihar and worked for seven years as Superintendent of Police (SP) and Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) in various units of the CBI at Delhi. He also did a five-year stint with Interpol in France.