BC Tripathi file reaches CVC

Vol 22, PW 10 (07 Mar 19) News in Brief

GAIL chairman BC Tripathi's file for a six-month extension is making its way through the labyrinth of India's famed bureaucracy.

By last week Tripathi's file had reached the office of the anti-corruption Central Vigilance Commission (CVC). "Vigilance clearance is a must before any extension is approved," said a well-placed source.

"Even for a small extension like this." Once CVC clearance is secured Tripathi’s file will return to the PMO for signature.

Tripathi completes 10 years as GAIL chairman on July 31 (2019) but needs a six-month extension until January 31 (2020) to remain at his position until retirement aged 60. GAIL sources admit to "some vigilance matter" in hushed tones but also sound upbeat about their boss securing his extension.

"These things aren't new," said a GAIL source. "Someone always files a vigilance complaint whenever there is a matter of extension or appointment of a director.

The process gets delayed unnecessarily." Oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan is believed to have recommended Tripathi's extension.

BC Tripathi became GAIL chairman on August 1 (2009) and is the only GAIL chairman in the company’s history to complete two consecutive terms.