Fugro begins Oil India survey for 2 exp. wells

Vol 18, PW 18 (07 May 15) Exploration & Production

Oil India is inching closer to finally begin exploratory drilling at the only offshore block in India where it is operator.

Fugro Survey India on April 23 began two weeks of met-ocean studies in the eastern offshore Cauvery basin at NELP-VIII block CY-OSN-2009/2. This will be followed by a week of geophysical surveys like bathymetry and below seabed profiling.

These surveys will prepare Oil India to drill two exploratory wells at confirmed locations 4A and 5, possibly later this year. PETROWATCH learns at location 4A Oil India will drill in water depths of 400 metres to 5600 metres TD, targeting Nannilam, Bhuvanagiri and KT formations.

At location 5, Oil India will drill in water depths of 816 metres to 6020 metres TD to target the Nannilam & Bhuvanagiri and Andimadam formations. Depending on the results of this two-well campaign, Oil India is considering a third 'optional' well.

For the bathymetric survey Oil India wants to cover a 5-km radius from each well location. Under the Rs5cr ($803,000) contract, Fugro must also carry out a ‘sub bottom’ profiling seismic survey simultaneously with the bathymetric survey.

This will be shot to 100 metres below the seabed to check for any obstacles to drilling. Next, Oil India wants tidal data collected over 30 days and analysed by Fugro.

This entire survey assignment should be completed within 60 days.