PNGRB: Fighting with Gujarat Gas at APTEL

Vol 18, PW 14 (12 Mar 15) Midstream & Downstream

Gujarat Gas is in no mood to back down in its fight with the PNGRB over gas transmission charges to United Phosphorus, a Mumbai-based fertiliser and chemicals producer.

On April 17 the Appellate Tribunal of Electricity (APTEL) will decide if the gas regulator was right to press charges against the former BG gas retailer for allegedly inflating transmission charges against United Phosphorous. Justice Ranjana Desai, APTEL chairperson and Nayan Mani Borah, member technical, agreed to hear a Gujarat Gas appeal against the PNGRB order on February 20.

“The charges against us are so serious," stresses a Gujarat Gas source, "we had no choice but to approach APTEL." Gujarat Gas was forced into a corner when ten days earlier on February 10 the PNGRB secretary Upamanyu Chatterjee issued an order saying the Board had taken "serious note" of Gujarat Gas’s decision to disobey its October 20, 2014.

“In this ruling we directed Gujarat Gas to approach the Board to modify the authorisation granted for its gas pipeline network in south Gujarat,” says a PNGRB source. “But Gujarat Gas has not complied with any of our directives.

” Anger at the PNGRB stems from a decision by Gujarat Gas to ignore a 'show cause' notice issued on January 20. Gujarat Gas replied on January 29 saying the show cause notice has been superceded by its APTEL appeal.