IOC looks abroad for more business opportunities

Vol 8, PW 18 (01 Dec 04) Midstream & Downstream

Gone are the days when Indian Oils pipeline division only looked at projects at home.

Today, IOC is looking increasingly at opportunities abroad. One project high on its agenda is construction of a 320-km oil pipeline extension from Kenya to Uganda at an estimated cost of $96.9m where it has been pre-qualified.

This will be our first pipeline crossing an international border, IOC tells us. If we are successful we may even be asked to lay the Iran to India gas pipeline.

Bid documents for the Kenya to Uganda extension are expected to reach IOC this month. This could well be our passport into other African and West Asian countries.

Other IOC projects abroad are listed below Country Project Companies Project Status Issues/Remarks Nigeria Turnaround maintenance of Port Harcourt refineries IOC Bid submitted to National Nigerian Petroleum corporation on 15th October 2003. Response awaited Nigeria Expression of interest for equity participation in three state-owned refineries IOC Pre-qualification document submitted on 14th November 2003 Response awaited Nigeria Establishment of an oil refinery in Edo state in JV with the Edo state government IOC IOC entered MoU with Edo government on 10th September to establish refinery.

Edo government confirmed acceptance of concessions and incentives asked by IOC Iran Products upgrading project in Teheran and Tabriz refineries IOC/EIL Technical bid was submitted on 9th August. This is under evaluation by the National Iranian Oil Company Response awaited Libya Expression of interest for revamping and upgrading Ras Lanuf and Azzawiya refineries IOC-EIL IOC-EIL consortium communicates its interest in the project to National Oil Company of Libya Response awaited Yemen Expression of interest for I) participation in proposed hydrocracker project in Aden refinery, and II) modernization of Aden refinery IOC IOC communicates its interest in the project Response awaited Sudan Port Sudan refinery upgrade project OVL Detailed feasibility report for the project prepared by EIL and given to the government of Sudan