Reliance wins RoU for six product pipelines

Vol 8, PW 20 (12 Jan 05) News in Brief

After a wait of more than a year Reliance subsidiary Gas Transportation and Infrastructure Company has won Right of User (RoU) permission for the following six product pipelines: Jamnagar to Patiala Jamnagar to Kanpur Goa to Hyderabad Chennai to Bangalore Kakinada to Vijayawada Haldia to Ranchi Approval comes with stringent conditions.

Reliance has been clearly told that throughout the life of the pipeline the first right of use for the common carrier capacity in these pipelines will be reserved for any party other than the owner of the pipeline. If capacity is available out of the common carrier capacity, the owner may utilise the same with the stipulation that should any other party seek transportation through common carrier capacity, the owner would vacate and make available the common carrier capacity up to the designated level immediately.

Reliance must build the pipelines within 36 months.