IOT challenges ONGC contract to Alpha Geo

Vol 18, PW 10 (15 Jan 15) News in Brief

IOT Infrastructure has complained to Independent External Monitors at ONGC over a $40m contract awarded to Alpha Geo to shoot 2010-sq km ‘full-fold’ seismic in the onland Vygreswaram area of Andhra Pradesh.

In its January 5 submission IOT wants ONGC to explain why it disqualified IOT when it met the Bid Qualifying Criteria (BQC). “ONGC received seven bids but disqualified six on technical grounds,” says an industry source.

“It did not tell us we were disqualified. Only after ONGC secretly opened a single price bid and awarded the contract to Alpha Geo did we know.

” ONGC received the first set of queries from bidders IOT, Asian Oilfield, Alpha Geo, Pangea, Quippo, Houston-based Geokinetics and Russia-based Geotech on November 3 (2014). “ONGC told us orally that we had all qualified,” he adds.

“But suddenly we came to know the contract was awarded to Alpha Geo after approval from the chairman DK Sarraf to open a ‘single’ bid.”