'Stop sitting on files!' PMO to CVC

Vol 18, PW 9 (18 Dec 14) News in Brief

Good news for candidates looking to interview for top positions at state-owned companies: in early December the PMO advised the anti-corruption watchdog Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) to clear files within 60 days going forward.

In the past, delayed clearances led to important posts lying vacant for more than six months. Former ONGC chairman Sudhir Vasudeva was forced to join almost a year late because of delayed CVC clearance.

Similarly the ONGC director onshore post was vacant for almost a year when the CVC took months denying anti-corruption clearance to K. Satyanarayana.

When contacted, a CVC source says he is unaware of any timeline. “But we’ve been asked to prepare our report as soon as possible," he says.

As a constitutional body, the CVC is not bound by PMO directives, which can only offer guidelines. A PESB officer expects appointments will be faster than before, down to about three months instead of six, which is progress of sorts.