Fugro operator with Aban rig missing at sea

Vol 18, PW 8 (04 Dec 14) People & Policy

Shock and disbelief descended on staff at the office of Fugro Survey (India) in Mumbai on November 19 following the mysterious disappearance of colleague Sanjay Sinha Roy from jack-up rig Aban-II.

“This kind of thing has happened for the first time in our 20 years in India,” a Fugro source tells us. Roy, 36, a qualified engineer and mobile operator with Fugro for six years, vanished while the Aban Offshore-operated rig was preparing to spud well YS-6-2 at ONGC’s Yanam PML area off Puducherry.

His disappearance was reported at 7.25pm on November 19. “Roy was perfectly normal,” adds a senior Aban source.

“He showed no signs of depression or different behaviour.” Roy ate dinner with colleagues at 7pm and was last seen at 7.15pm on the helideck.

“We can’t say if he jumped off the rig or was swept away,” adds Aban. “Nobody saw him falling in the water.

” Aban immediately searched the rig, carried out a headcount and sounded the emergency alarm. “The sea was rough with strong currents,” we hear.

“There was a one-two metre swell.” Aban deployed two search boats, later joined by boats from Reliance, GSPC, and Cairn.

“Six boats were used for the search operation.” Aban-II was operating six miles from the coast, near mangroves along the coast.

“Our search boats could not go near the mangroves because of the shallow draft,” reports a source.