Oil India internal studies delay shale G&G tender

Vol 18, PW 3 (25 Sep 14) People & Policy

Oil India has postponed plans to issue a tender to carry out G&G studies at six PEL areas identified for shale exploration until it carries out its own in-house studies.

Oil India was earlier planning to float a G&G tender in October, but it now seems unlikely to meet that target as in-house studies will take place until November at least. Oil India has identified Dibrugarh, Chabua and Dumduma in Assam, JAIRAMPUR and Deomali in Arunachal Pradesh and Jaisalmer in Rajasthan to explore for shale oil/gas.

Oil India's Duliajan-based unconventional energy group is studying old seismic, well logs, core samples and soil cuttings to finalise the scope of work for the G&G tender. "We're mapping shale thickness," reports an Oil India source, "and collecting data for the G&G consultant." He explains the unconventional energy group approached company management for permission to issue the G&G tender two months ago.

"We held preliminary discussions with some consultants," he adds. "The response was good but our directors asked us to do some homework before hiring a consultant.

We realised we should collect data first for the consultant to review." After the unconventional group completes its in-house study it will again seek management approval for the G&G tender, whose aim will be to identify locations for its pilot shale exploratory drilling programme.

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