Joshi to more than double Dholka production

Vol 17, PW 16 (27 Mar 14) Exploration & Production

Joshi Technologies wants to extract as much oil and gas from its Dholka field before the PSC runs out to claw back $10m spent on five new development wells.

Joshi is alone in winning a five-year extension to its PSC, which ended on February 20, 2013 but extended to February 20, 2018 by the oil ministry on July 5, 2012. Drilling of five ‘deviated’ development wells will be completed at the 48-sq km field this month with increased production beginning early May.

"We have invested $2m per well,” Joshi tells us, “and now we must recover this.” Dholka produces 1000 b/d and 40,000 cm/d from 33 wells but Joshi expects each of the five new wells to produce up to 320 b/d taking total oil production to at least 2500 b/d.

Associated gas production will likewise rise by 5000 cm/d from each new well, taking total output to 65,000 cm/d. Joshi spud the first development well on May 28 last year using John Energy’s 1000-hp rig John-12, paying $8000/day.

Four wells have been drilled so far with a fifth underway, expected to be completed by March 28. All were drilled to between 1800 and 2000 metres TD about 500 metres apart targeting Eocene, lower, middle and upper Cretaceous age formations.

"This depth is enough,” adds Joshi. “Below 2000 metres you get ‘Deccan Trap’ hard rock.

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