Cairn needs Bhandari no more

Vol 17, PW 14 (27 Feb 14) News in Brief

Cairn bosses obviously think they can handle government relationships alone.

Until now that job was the sole preserve of Sundeep Bhandari, head of Cairn’s shadowy Corporate Advisory Group, working out of the plush Lodhi Hotel in Delhi. This month (February) Bhandari resigned from Cairn after a 20-year career spanning the transformation of little-known UK-based Cairn Energy with its acquisition of Command Petroleum’s stake at Ravva in 1996 into a stock market giant following its fortuitous $7.5m acquisition of Shell’s 50% stake at RJ-ON-90/1 in 2002.

“Cairn used to let me handle everything,” Bhandari, 50, tells this report. “But these days they do it themselves.

Everyone should know when it’s time to quit.” Bhandari says his main focus now is to oversee the single well Australian explorer Oilex will spud in March in Gujarat.

Bhandari, Oilex director and vice-chairman, holds joint charge of Oilex operations in India with MD Ron Miller.