Abandoned Tapti facilities will be useful, says ONGC

Vol 17, PW 13 (13 Feb 14) Exploration & Production

ONGC believes it can save time and money by using two process platforms and subsea pipelines at the Tapti gasfield to process and evacuate gas from its Daman and C-Series fields in the western offshore.

Joint PMT operators BG, Reliance and ONGC told the DGH on December 2 it wants to abandon Tapti in June 2015. DGH officials have since asked ONGC if it wants to take over Tapti.

"We don't see any potential in Tapti," says a senior ONGC source. "But we're interested in the facilities.

" TK Sengupta, who took charge on February 1 as new ONGC director offshore, is expected to tell the DGH that ONGC wants Tapti’s surface and sub-surface facilities. In the past lead operator BG refused the use of Tapti's process platforms and pipelines, forcing ONGC to look at constructing a separate pipeline and onshore facility at a cost of anything between Rs3500cr ($561m) and Rs10,000cr ($1.6bn).

“If we get the Tapti facilities our development costs will reduce a lot," says ONGC. "Only a 40-km pipeline is needed from Daman and C-Series to reach the Tapti process platforms.

” Gas can then be transported through an established subsea pipeline to Hazira, which already receives PMT gas. BG is heading a DGH-appointed decommissioning panel on how to abandon Tapti infrastructure, which includes five unmanned well-head platforms and 72 wells.