Cairn determined to halve Ravva production decline

Vol 17, PW 11 (16 Jan 14) Exploration & Production

Cairn India and Ravva joint venture partners ONGC, Videocon and Ravva Oil are confident they can slash ‘production decline’ at the ageing east coast oil and gasfield and increase the reserves base with an aggressive drilling programme beginning March this year (2014).

Jack-up Hercules 208 is scheduled to reach Ravva in late February/early March from Singapore to join Hercules Triumph (already on location) to begin a six-firm and five-optional well drilling programme that Cairn hopes will halve annual production decline from 30% a year to 15%, says a consortium source. “Ravva is about to undergo a new stage in its production cycle,” we hear.

“There’s a major push on to get as much oil out as possible and to maintain production as high as possible before the PSC expires.” Four of the six ‘firm’ wells planned at Ravva will be ‘in-fill’ to add to 15 oil and four gas producers today producing 21,300 b/d and 1.1m cm/d.

First results are expected to start filtering through next fiscal beginning April 2014 with production expected to slow 18,300 b/d. Ravva has pumped out 246m barrels of oil since production began in 1992 when ONGC was operator.

Today the consortium led by operator Cairn estimates remaining ‘ultimate 2P recovery’ is 288m barrels. This could rise further if the $108m HP/HT exploration well RX-11 Hercules Triumph is drilling now is successful.

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