Cairn reports good production numbers

Vol 20, PW 15 (20 Apr 17) News in Brief

Cairn India owner Vedanta Resources is congratulating itself after encouraging production results in the fourth quarter of 2016-17.

In an April 11 press release, Vedanta highlights the success of an Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) programme at the Mangala field, which has pushed Rajasthan production up 2% in the fourth quarter to an average 157,338 b/d against 154,272 b/d the previous (third) quarter. Raageshwari Deep gas production was steady at 21m cf/d (595,000 cm/d) in the fourth quarter.

"The Rajasthan asset recorded an excellent plant uptime of 99% in Q4," writes Vedanta. Also pleasing are results from Cambay block CB-OS/2 which holds the producing Lakshmi and Gauri fields.

Fourth quarter production averaged 9477 b/d, a 1% increase over the previous quarter. "Effective reservoir management practices and production optimisation measures helped arrest the natural decline," adds Vedanta.

Less positive was news from the Ravva block where production declined 2% to 17,769 b/d. "A coil tubing and acid stimulation campaign helped offset natural decline," we hear.

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