DIPLA " two cargoes coming

Vol 17, PW 10 (19 Dec 13) News in Brief

GAIL is bringing in its second post-monsoon LNG cargo at Dabhol on December 20 aboard LNG tanker Catalunya Spirit.

This standard-sized cargo falls under a medium term three-year contract with Gas Natural Fenosa. GAIL originally wanted to land the cargo at Dahej but diverted it to Dabhol.

Meanwhile GSPC is importing only its second spot cargo of 2013 in the last week of December. GSPC imported its last cargo on January 25.

For more on these and other LNG cargoes at Dahej, Hazira, Dabhol and Kochi write to info@petrowatch.com for details of our LNG-DIPLA live tracking service. DIPLA’s last alert on December 18 announced the arrival of French-flagged tanker Provalys at Dahej with 151,066-cubic metres LNG from Yemen LNG, sourced from GDF Suez at $14.50/mmbtu to $15/mmbtu.

Between November 1 and 30, India imported 1,134,083 cubic metres of spot, medium and short-term LNG at an average price of $14.11/mmbtu.

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