Greatship and Samson match rates

Vol 17, PW 8 (14 Nov 13) News in Brief

Greatship, Samson Maritime and state-owned Shipping Corporation of India (SCI) have matched the low rates quoted by Tag Offshore and ABG FPSO in ONGC’s tender to hire 16 vessels for three years.

For the two 150-tonne anchor handlers, Tag 10 was bid at $17,820/day. Greatship agreed to match this rate for Greatship Vimla.

ONGC wanted six 80-tonne anchor handlers. ABG FPSO quoted $9800/day each for PFS Brave and PFS Courage.

Tag matched this rate for Tag 13 and so did Shipping Corporation for SCI Ratna. ONGC is short by two vessels in this category.

For the eight platform supply vessels of 3000-tonne capacity, ABG quoted PFS Supplier at $12,330/day. SCI matched this rate for SCI Nalanda and SCI Yamuna and so did Samson Maritime for Emerald.

ONGC is four vessels short in this category. Bids were received on August 13.

ONGC will shortly issue a fresh tender to cover the shortfall of vessels in this tender.

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