IOC to replace sick director HR Bhalla

Vol 17, PW 5 (03 Oct 13) News in Brief

IndianOil top brass have decided to replace director human resources Sudhir Bhalla, who fell into a coma after a stroke in February 2012.

“We've waited more than 18 months for Bhalla to rejoin the office but he is still bed-ridden,” says a senior IOC source. “Early this month our board decided to fill the vacant position.

” PESB officials are expected to advertise the director HR post on their website this month (October). At least four internal candidates should apply, including executive director (ED) marketing Balwinder Singh Canth, ED human resources HS Bedi, ED human resources Lee Bee Sen and ED human resources AK Chowdhury.

Bhalla took over as director HR in October 2010 and still has two years before he retires in 2015. He has a dynamic personality and many believe that if he was in good health he would have applied for the post of IOC chairman.

Bhalla is credited with making sure IOC officials acquire experience across departments.

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